How Often Should I Water My Plants?

We’re back! With another post in our quest to demystify caring for your indoor plants. Inevitably when we post about plants we get lots of comments, the crux of which are usually ‘how often should I water my…?’. So instead of beating around the bush (pun intended!) we ... Více

20.5.2019 10:08:42 (11 hodin a 26 minut)

A Guide to Sewing Collar Facings

Finishing edges of your clothing can be tricky, especially when it comes to curves like collar and curved hems. But a quality finish is essential! While straight raw edges can be easily finished by sewing folded hems, this technique doesn’t always work for curved ones. When making summer ... Více

17.5.2019 10:51:59 (3 dny, 10 hodin a 43 minut)

How to Create A Cohesive (but Interesting!) Decor Plan for Your Whole House

There’s nothing better than decorating a space, it really is one of the best parts of any big (or small) renovation. But when dealing with the decor for a whole house, how do you put together all the different elements in a cohesive way, without it feeling completely all over the place? I ... Více

16.5.2019 15:56:46 (4 dny, 5 hodin a 38 minut)

Make this Rainbow Clay Mobile!

I present you, another clay project! Lots of you requested that I make something for a kids room out of clay, so I thought why not? I’ve been meaning to make a wall hanging for Frankie’s room for a while now, and some autumn toned rainbows seemed just the ticket! It was so easy to ... Více

13.5.2019 10:57:47 (7 dnů, 10 hodin a 37 minut)

The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Waistbands

Hey guys! I’m excited to introduce a new series over here, focused on taking your sewing skills up a notch. Waistbands. The right one can help you to perfect your project and make it look tres expensive. Which is what we’re after right? And you know what? A properly finished waistband ... Více

9.5.2019 06:53:12 (11 dnů, 14 hodin a 42 minut)

A Guide to Buying Frames

Frames, they can be tricky can’t they? In a recent post I shared about another gallery wall I put together in the house (it’s becoming a bit of a THING isn’t it?) hundreds of you asked about what frames I use for my art. And I hear you on this! Frames are such an annoying ... Více

8.5.2019 09:39:24 (12 dnů, 11 hodin a 56 minut)

April Faves

What a month! April flew by in a daze of projects, admin and days spent with Frankie. I’ve also really been enjoying the making process over on Instagram stories, and getting your tips and ideas in real time. Interacting with such an inspiring and creative community is honestly the best part ... Více

6.5.2019 11:01:24 (14 dnů, 10 hodin a 34 minut)

Make This Simple Clay Wall Hanging!

One material that I absolutely love working with is clay. It’s just so fun! But let’s be honest, the process of building with clay and then tracking down a kiln to fire it with can be a little tricky (and messy!), and I’m always looking for interesting materials as alternatives. Which is why ... Více

2.5.2019 13:21:47 (18 dnů, 8 hodin a 13 minut)

A Guide to The Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Recently, I’ve started to think more about the air that I breathe. I mean, for a long time it wasn’t something I worried about at all, but as I get older things like this (that I have a little bit of control over) that could impact on my health, have started to bother me. Living ... Více

26.4.2019 09:46:16 (24 dnů, 11 hodin a 49 minut)

10 Places to Find Creative Inspiration (That Aren’t Pinterest!)

One of the questions I get asked sometimes is ‘where do you find inspiration?’. And although this question might illicit eye rolls from some creatives (I mean, it IS the go to question for every interview), I actually don’t mind at all. Because personally I understand the value of ... Více

24.4.2019 12:55:03 (26 dnů, 8 hodin a 40 minut)

Make This Simple Footed Tree Stump Stool!

If there’s one thing I like doing on a weekend, it’s up-cycling something not so cute into a cute and functional item for the house. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with up-cycling right now?! There’s honestly nothing more satisfying. A while ago we showed you how to make a DIY ... Více

18.4.2019 06:57:50 (32 dnů, 14 hodin a 37 minut)

All The Before & Afters from Our Renovation!

Hey guys! It’s time for a little trip down ‘before and after’ lane. It feels like a long time since we finished up the renovation on our 1871 cottage, but the truth is that you never really finish DIYing your house. I mean, it’s an ongoing passion that keeps you going back ... Více

15.4.2019 12:19:55 (35 dnů, 9 hodin a 15 minut)

Make This Simple Shell Jewellery!

Is it just me, or has shell jewellery made a major come back? I love it when a trend I’ve loved comes back, meaning I can dig out my favourite pieces and breathe new life into them, or make something new from scratch! I was recently in a local thrift store and come across a […] ... Více

10.4.2019 13:17:15 (40 dnů, 8 hodin a 18 minut)

Talking ‘Me Time’ & Win a Luxury Glamping Trip!

If there’s one thing that feels like a luxury since having a baby, it’s me time. Honestly! I mean, I’m a much better mother (and person!) when I get a little bit of time to myself. Having a baby is amazing, but honestly it is complete chaos and sometimes it feels impossible to get even ... Více

8.4.2019 09:22:34 (42 dnů, 12 hodin a 13 minut)

March Faves

Helloooo April! I’m back in Australia now, working on new projects, content and ideas. I’ll also be speaking at a great event in Brisbane this Saturday called Run the World. I’ll be talking about all the things I’ve learnt about the internet and creativity in the last ten ... Více

1.4.2019 14:20:36 (49 dnů, 7 hodin a 15 minut)

How to Create a Corner Gallery Wall

  Chances are, you’ve got a sad little corner in your house that needs some love… And a corner gallery is definitely the answer! This might seem a bit daunting at first but I promise you it isn’t. I recently shared the whole process of freshening up this little corner of the ... Více

27.3.2019 05:11:51 (54 dnů, 15 hodin a 23 minut)

The Best Pet Friendly Plants for Your Home

Plants and pets, I have to say they’re two fail safe ingredients for a happy home. But sadly sometimes they can be at odds with each other! But we’re here to help you with that. The most common question that you guys ask is what plants to buy if you have a pet that likes ... Více

25.3.2019 13:04:05 (56 dnů, 7 hodin a 31 minut)

Five Fears I Had About Becoming A Mother

Every woman is excited about becoming a mother. Right? But for me, it wasn’t that straightforward. In fact, the idea of having a baby was terrifying. But in a weird way. I mean, I always knew I wanted to have kids, we had such a fun and adventurous childhood (albeit with plenty of chaos, mess ... Více

21.3.2019 09:46:01 (60 dnů, 10 hodin a 49 minut)

DIY Fitted White Linen Jumpsuit

Honestly, every time I open my closet, I try on 15 different outfits and make a complete mess, but pretty much always end up wearing a jumpsuit. They’re just so elegant and easy! You might remember this one from when I worked with Oroton to design a bag, and since then lots of you have ... Více

20.3.2019 10:26:53 (61 dnů, 10 hodin a 8 minut)

Make These DIY Moon Cycle Painted Pots

Hey guys! I’m excited to be sharing with you an absolutely gorgeous DIY made by lovely Lucy, you’ll know her as my maker in arms over at Spell (we made that cutlery holder!), and the creative mind behind all the stunning Spell spaces. Today she’s going to share with us a very ... Více

18.3.2019 13:42:02 (63 dnů, 6 hodin a 53 minut)