Make This Easy Cactus Paddle Wall Hanging!

A simple bedroom update to give you the ultimate retreat vibes… Thanks for tuning in for last week’s Master Bedroom reveal! I was excited to finally share it with you. You might remember a while ago in our renovation series, that giant cacti plant in our neighbour’s yard was one ... Více

18.2.2019 11:14:51 (1 den, 7 hodin a 45 minut)

A Visit to Jurlique’s Beautiful Organic Farm

As I’m sure you guys know by now, I’m all about learning the process behind the things that I love. Whether it be fashion, an interior idea or a beauty product – I’m always on a mission to understand more about how and why something is done the way it is. And possibly learn to ... Více

14.2.2019 11:07:20 (5 dnů, 7 hodin a 53 minut)

How to Build Your Own Wardrobes (Out of Kitchen Cabinets!)

My excitement levels are at about 3 million percent when I talk about the wardrobes we put into our renovation! I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things that we really wanted to do with Best End House was to create lots of little, simple design solutions that didn’t cost a bomb ... Více

13.2.2019 05:48:45 (6 dnů, 13 hodin a 12 minut)

The Best Places To Buy (Affordable!) Art Online

Today, talking about dressing those walls… One of the most common questions I get from you guys is about sourcing artwork. It seems like we’re all desperate for simple, pretty and affordable art! But sometimes it’s hard to know where to look, how to frame it or how to display it. ... Více

12.2.2019 09:46:31 (7 dnů, 9 hodin a 14 minut)

Renovation Reveal: The Master Bedroom!

It’s been so fun sharing all the spaces in our renovation with you, it’s such an incredible experience to see it all come together and hear what you guys think. There’s more renovation fun coming soon (helloooo downstairs!), but in the meantime I’m excited to share with you ... Více

9.2.2019 04:10:00 (10 dnů, 14 hodin a 50 minut)

January Faves

Can you believe that the first month of the year is done a dusted? That flew past! This month has been a busy one, we’re back in Hong Kong for a little while, and I’ve been busy strategising my business and focusing on ‘Growth’ (my word of the year). But I’m trying to ... Více

8.2.2019 10:42:37 (11 dnů, 8 hodin a 18 minut)

The Art of Handcrafting Furniture with Salt x Steel Designs

It’s time to meet (and get inspired by!) another amazing creative. This week, it’s Evan Roberts from Salt and Steel Designs. Evan’s furniture creations are the stuff of all your interior envy/day dreams/saved Instagram folders rolled into one. I came across Evan through his ... Více

7.2.2019 11:03:42 (12 dnů, 7 hodin a 57 minut)

New York Travel Guide: Central Park & Upper East Side

The last of my guides to New York, it makes me think it’s time to book another trip! Last but not least on my list of itineraries for this amazing city is Central Park and the Upper East Side. No doubt you’ll want to spend a decent amount of time in this glorious park – ... Více

5.2.2019 05:12:31 (14 dnů, 13 hodin a 48 minut)

Five DIY’s For The Plant Lover

One thing that’s avoided the January declutter is my plant collection. Because when it comes to plants, more is more! I could go on and on about the benefits of plants, but I think you guys know well enough how much they can improve not only the aesthetics of a space, but the atmosphere and ... Více

1.2.2019 10:46:40 (18 dnů, 8 hodin a 14 minut)

A Guide to Fabric Drape

Back onto one of my favourite subjects… Fabric! As you’ll be well aware, one of my guilty pleasures is buying fabric. There’s just something so exciting about envisioning what it could become. Oh the possibilities! Sometimes though, your expectations for what you can make out of a ... Více

30.1.2019 08:30:59 (20 dnů, 10 hodin a 29 minut)

Make This Easy DIY Bead and Tassel Garland

It’s all in the details, right? I’ve been looking for a few decor pieces to add to Frankie’s gallery wall as details, and thought a beaded garland would be perfect. Turns out this DIY bead and tassel garlands a really versatile piece because you can hang it on the wall, drape it ... Více

25.1.2019 05:28:29 (25 dnů, 13 hodin a 32 minut)

All The Books I’ve Read (and Liked) Recently

If you’re looking for a reading list, you’ve come to the right place! Because last year’s book round up was so popular, and also given that I like other people’s lists soooo much and rely on them for new recommendations, I thought it would be a good idea to share all the ... Více

24.1.2019 10:07:34 (26 dnů, 8 hodin a 53 minut)

A Simple Guide to Decluttering & Organising Your Space (In 4 Weeks!)

New year, old space. But completely decluttered and organised! What could be better? I have to admit that organisation is one area I’ve failed miserably in the past… And although I’m not particularly a fan of the whole new year, new me concept, it’s high time I prioritised an organised ... Více

23.1.2019 05:40:17 (27 dnů, 13 hodin a 20 minut)

How to master a new creative skill in 2019!

One thing I’ve learnt about New Year’s resolutions is that the more simple they are, the better. Choosing a word to guide the year has been so successful for me that I can’t help but think that simple goals and resolutions are key. Particularly when it comes to creative goals! Today ... Více

17.1.2019 12:03:24 (33 dnů, 6 hodin a 57 minut)

December Faves

And just like that, the year was over. I took a break from being online over the last few weeks, it was just what I needed. I hope you had a great break and are feeling refreshed and renewed for the new year! In case you’re looking to catch up on a few things, feel […] Read MoreThe ... Více

14.1.2019 02:03:16 (36 dnů, 16 hodin a 57 minut)

The Art of Hand Drawn prints With Wandering Folk

There’s nothing more I love than sharing the journeys of creative, inspiring people. Which is why I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Sharnee, the illustrator and founder behind the gorgeous picnic rug brand, Wandering Folk. You may recognise her gorgeous work from the post we did ... Více

11.1.2019 06:57:01 (39 dnů, 12 hodin a 3 minuty)

Choosing Your Word of The Year… The 2019 Edition!

 Hello 2019 It’s me again! After a few days rest I am so happy to say I’m excited for the clean, fresh slate of this new year. One thing I’ve noticed is how easily you can start to fatigue of the concept of New Years resolutions, new year, new you etc etc etc. I get ... Více

7.1.2019 02:01:33 (43 dnů, 16 hodin a 59 minut)

Merry Christmas & Highlights of 2018!

Happy holidays guys! Having touched down in Australia a few days ago, we spent the first few days in Adelaide working on a really exciting projects that I’ll share early next year. With that all done, it feels good to finally be able to take a deep breath, pause and relaxxxxxxx. It’s been ... Více

23.12.2018 01:33:16 (58 dnů, 17 hodin a 27 minut)

Make this last minute gift: A DIY Christmas Hamper!

If you’re like me you might have left some of your Christmas shopping a bit late… But never fear! There’s still time to make something amazing. Like a DIY hamper! You may remember my fave coffee box gift idea from last year, and it was such a hit that this year we decided to ... Více

21.12.2018 06:25:29 (60 dnů, 12 hodin a 35 minut)

DIY Macramé Mini Christmas Tree

Can you tell that Christmas is my favourite time of the year? The decor, the DIYs, and the tunes! Not only is it the perfect time to have wine and cheese with friends, decorate like crazy and wrap those gifts… It’s such a great opportunity to get knotting! All to the soundtrack of my ... Více

16.12.2018 05:09:04 (65 dnů, 13 hodin a 51 minut)