Make These Easy DIY Clay Fridge Markets!

When it comes to projects for the home, sometimes it’s the most simple ones that bring the most joy. Take these fridge magnets as an example. I love having photos on the fridge, but HATE all those ugly fridge magnets out there. Our old black fridge magnets were not cute at all and it took ... Více

24.1.2020 08:07:52 (14 hodin a 29 minut)

You’re Invited To My Brisbane Book Launch!

BRISBANE FRIENDS! You’re invited to the launch of my new book. It’s only two weeks until Home Is Where You Make It is officially released. After years in the making the fact that it will soon be sitting on shelves is such a crazy and amazing thought. To celebrate the launch, if you’re ... Více

21.1.2020 08:01:39 (3 dny, 14 hodin a 35 minut)

Five Things I’ve Added For Better Storage At Home

Storage. A small thing, that can sometimes be a big thing. Right? Creative storage has always been my forte, ever since we moved into our first tiny share flat with pretty much zero cupboard space. Luckily since then we’ve been able put in some great cupboards in our renovation (remember?) ... Více

19.1.2020 12:03:21 (5 dnů, 10 hodin a 33 minut)

Roadtesting Three Living Room Layouts! Here’s What I Found…

One thing that I knew I wanted when we renovated our house was an open plan space that flowed and allowed everyone in the house to be together, even if you’re not actually together, together. I was lucky to be able to get what I wanted, this big(ish) open space that encompasses the living ... Více

17.1.2020 03:04:35 (7 dnů, 19 hodin a 32 minut)

A First Look At My New Book!

*crying* Wow guys, I am pretty much speechless, having just received an advance copy of my book ahead of its release on February 4! The book writing process takes a long time, and once you’ve finished writing the book it’s a while yet before you see it in print. I’ve spent the ... Více

16.1.2020 08:01:39 (8 dnů, 14 hodin a 35 minut)

How To Upcycle A Kid’s Old Bike

Ok so if there were medals for one’s ability to upcycle and make do, my mother would surely win. She’s one of those practical people who finds a way to reuse everything, and her commitment to shopping secondhand is notable. Sometimes too much? I mean, she recently found a scrunchie on ... Více

15.1.2020 07:46:51 (9 dnů, 14 hodin a 50 minut)

Colours I’m Adding To My Wardrobe (& How To Wear Them)

Aka how to wear orange!The post Colours I’m Adding To My Wardrobe (& How To Wear Them) appeared first on ... Více

14.1.2020 06:52:36 (10 dnů, 15 hodin a 44 minut)

Make this easy DIY photo flip calendar!

It’s that time of year again…. Time when your home or office might benefit from a *little* bit of organisation. I for one need to give my home office a complete makeover, it’s actually a bit of a disgrace…. It’s become that one ‘scary’ room of the house ... Více

13.1.2020 07:02:42 (11 dnů, 15 hodin a 34 minut)

Calling All Crafters! Australian Wildlife Need Your Help

In the last 3 months, a staggering one billion animals are estimated to have been killed in Australia’s terrible wildfires, and even more displaced and injured. Koalas, kangaroos and also birds, lizards, snakes, wombats, bats, echidnas, spiders and rodents. All the things that keep the ecological ... Více

10.1.2020 01:30:21 (14 dnů, 21 hodin a 6 minut)

Word Of The Year & My Free Goals 2020 Workbook!

Oh hey, 2020. It’s been a rough start to the year here in Australia, with devastating bush fires affecting huge parts of the east coast. Lives lost, homes destroyed and wildlife displaced or killed. It’s almost too sad to put into words. If you would like to donate to the relief ... Více

9.1.2020 01:06:53 (15 dnů, 21 hodin a 30 minut)

Things to Read to Get Started on 2020

Does anyone else love this strange time of year between Christmas and New Year when you have zero idea of what day it is and there’s no such thing as routine? It’s the best! The perfect time to binge watch a show, sleep for hours during the day and truly relax. Admittedly the concept of ... Více

30.12.2019 10:46:27 (25 dnů, 11 hodin a 50 minut)

Merry Christmas! & My Tips For Planning Some Creative Downtime

After what feels like a marathon last few months, moving home to Australia, announcing my new book, and getting used to a whole new life, I couldn’t be more excited for Christmas! As I mentioned, we’re hosting Christmas Day at home and I’m actually really happy about it. I thought ... Více

24.12.2019 06:07:32 (31 dnů, 16 hodin a 29 minut)

Books I’ve Loved This Year!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to share with you a few fave reads from the last twelve months. As many of you guys know, I’m a voracious reader. It’s the one thing that truly relaxes me. I always commit to half an hour reading before bed and it helps me to sleep, ... Více

20.12.2019 02:28:34 (35 dnů, 20 hodin a 8 minut)

My Tips For Tackling Your Project List

Since moving back to Australia I have had the longest list of projects that I have wanted to do – in business but also in LIFE. It’s taken a bit of effort but I have slowly worked my way through it, and I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing to be productive ... Více

19.12.2019 02:17:40 (36 dnů, 20 hodin a 19 minut)

Make These DIY Upcycled Terracotta Vases!

We’re hosting Christmas this year in our house for the first time. Last year we had it at the beach with my family, but this year it’s all us. And I’m pretty excited! And a little bit nervous. But that’s the silly season for you isn’t it? This Christmas I really wanted ... Více

18.12.2019 05:14:14 (37 dnů, 17 hodin a 23 minut)

How I Made Frankie’s Painted Arch Shelves

Paint is truly one of those things that can transform a space. Honestly, I am constantly surprised at how much of a difference just a little bit of paint can make (see: Our Painted Front Door). Like this painted arch! A while ago I decided I wanted to create a pretty reading nook for Frankie, ... Více

17.12.2019 08:07:48 (38 dnů, 14 hodin a 29 minut)

Here are 8 Low Waste (And Pretty!) Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every year we like to get creative with wrapping paper, it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas. You’ll remember we’ve made DIY stitched packages, 3D Star Boxes and Label Wrap. But this year, more than ever, I have been focused on having a conscious, low waste Christmas, ... Více

16.12.2019 06:20:46 (39 dnů, 16 hodin a 16 minut)

Tips & Tricks for Styling A Neutral Table

I know lots of you love neutrals, so today we’re talking about how to style the perfect neutral table! Styling a table for Christmas, or any big event, can be daunting. And going for neutrals even more so. When you pare back the colours it can leave room for a bland or boring look. BUT ... Více

11.12.2019 02:49:48 (44 dnů, 19 hodin a 47 minut)

Gifts To Make For The Kids

Even if you’re a little bit over thinking about gifting for adults, chances are you still love to give to the kiddies around you. I have to admit, sometimes I’m get gifting fatigue when it comes to gifts for my friends and family… But I never fail to put a lot of thought into, and ... Více

10.12.2019 01:26:54 (45 dnů, 21 hodin a 10 minut)

My Cane And Palm Frond DIY Front Door Wreath!

I’m definitely feeling all the dried flowers this Christmas! But can you blame me? A few days ago I shared my simply ring wreaths, which are perfect to ue for so many different things. However, I knew I wanted to do something a bit more sturdy for the front door. It being our first Christmas ... Více

9.12.2019 00:51:29 (46 dnů, 21 hodin a 45 minut)