Twelve DIY’s To Celebrate Summer

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18.7.2019 12:50:49 (1 den, 9 hodin a 25 minut)

A Before & After Of Our Garden!

Hello and welcome to a very long post about our garden. If I’m completely honest, I’ve sort of overlooked cataloguing what’s been happening in the garden, I just wasn’t sure you would be interested. But I should have known you’d want to see it! After so many of you ... Více

16.7.2019 13:06:28 (3 dny, 9 hodin a 9 minut)

How I Shop Online Better (& More Consciously!)

I don’t think I really understood the value of online shopping until Frankie came along, and leisure time where I could wander a store became scarce. In the past I used to make a lot of my clothes, which is something I still love doing but it’s not as easy these days (excited to get ... Více

11.7.2019 09:01:14 (8 dnů, 13 hodin a 14 minut)

Five Steps For Restyling Any Room

Hey guys! Coming back to you with one of my faves, a very simple before and after of a neglected corner in the house. Chances are you’ve got a room of the house that needs a bit of love. Maybe it’s overflowing with stuff. Or maybe it just sits there forlornly without any real purpose. ... Více

9.7.2019 09:26:45 (10 dnů, 12 hodin a 49 minut)

How to Plan & What To Pack for A Trip to Phuket

I can’t believe I haven’t been on a girls trip since before Frankie was born, and considering she’s about to turn one I decided it was high time I did it. My friend Bridget and I spent a lot of time trying to decide where we wanted to go, there were so many destinations and ... Více

4.7.2019 16:45:40 (15 dnů, 5 hodin a 30 minut)

Eight Simple Ideas For Reworking Your Closet

I’ve been reading so much about the circular economy and how we can all get involved, and I’ve come to realise that the easiest place to start is in your own closet. I’m not going to lie, I love that hunter gatherer feeling of buying something new, the thrill of the chase and all ... Více

2.7.2019 11:54:09 (17 dnů, 10 hodin a 21 minut)

June Faves & My Month

Can you believe it’s the middle of the year already? July first is just a few days away and I seriously can’t believe it. Apparently time flies when you’re having fun, or, the first 365 days of having baby! My Month This month has been so exciting at home, with Frankie growing up ... Více

28.6.2019 15:01:48 (21 dnů, 7 hodin a 14 minut)

How to Update Your Space Without Spending A Cent

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to decorating, is that your budget rarely matches up with your wishlist. I mean, remember my post about planning your renovation? But what do you do when your budget is exactly zero? When your bank account is empty but you’re hankering for a before ... Více

27.6.2019 09:38:50 (22 dnů, 12 hodin a 36 minut)

Tips & Tricks For Getting Your Glow Back

For mothers and other tired people… You’ll remember how scared I was about losing my life, my body and my business when I had a baby. And whilst I gained and lost on that front in various measures, one thing I never even considered, but I definitely lost, was my glow. Whilst the concept of ... Více

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Colours I’m Adding To My Wardrobe (And How To Wear Them!)

Hello colour lovers! It’s great to be back, coming to you with another episode of new season colours and how to wear them. Also known as, colours I’m adding to my wardrobe and why you should too. Or maybe not? Go with your gut on this one. I have to say, I had become quite ... Více

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Five DIY Ways To Make A Budget Kitchen *Feel* Expensive

Hand on heart, you don’t have to sell a kidney to have a great, fancy(ish) kitchen. I promise you! One of the things we set out to do with our renovation was build something that we loved, but on a budget. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t that we wanted to stick to a budget, ... Více

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Seven Things I Always Buy In Secondhand Stores

To perfect my rooms.The post Seven Things I Always Buy In Secondhand Stores appeared first on A Pair & ... Více

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Make this Easy Hanging Circle Shelf (In Less Than Ten Minutes!)

When in doubt, put a shelf on it. I’m very into shelves of all kinds, not only because they allow you to use the walls for function (i.e. storage) but also because they add detail to your space, and just look great. They’re a cheap alternative to art if you ask me! I’d been ... Více

11.6.2019 08:53:35 (38 dnů, 13 hodin a 22 minut)

Twenty Five of My Favourite Outfits!

Walking a mile in my shoes… Hi guys! You’ll be no stranger to my absolute addiction to simple leather sandals, so much so that a few years ago I created my own mini collection. They have practically been glued to my feet since I released them, and I wanted to share with you a few of ... Více

10.6.2019 11:14:09 (39 dnů, 11 hodin a 1 minutu)

Before & After: Our Pink Front Door

One of my favourite things about our renovation is an idea that came to us last minute, after everything had been done and I thought we were completely finished. But that’s how it works sometimes isn’t it? I’m talking, of course, about the pink front door. I have to admit it was a ... Více

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These Are The Plants You Should Have In Your Bedroom

For a better night\\\'s sleep...The post These Are The Plants You Should Have In Your Bedroom appeared first on A Pair & ... Více

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May Faves & My Month

Hey guys! Although it may seem like an incoherent ramble at times, this monthly post is one of the most enjoyable to put together for you. I screengrab and jot notes all months of things I know you guys will like, and always look forward to sharing with you. I wanted to also expand this post ... Více

4.6.2019 04:55:37 (45 dnů, 17 hodin a 20 minut)

An Easy Guide To Drafting and Sewing Pockets

Today we’re going to talk about drafting and sewing pockets. These can be added to a clothing piece you’re making and can prove to be super handy when you want to bring a few small items without you needing to bring a bag! On the subject, is it only me or are pockets on women’s ... Více

30.5.2019 07:55:11 (50 dnů, 14 hodin a 20 minut)

Ask Geneva: Everything I’ve Learnt About Babies and their Sleep

The one thing that can make or break a new parent is sleep, or lack of it! A baby that sleeps through the night really is the holy grail… And during those first few months when uninterrupted sleep is completely non-existent, you honestly feel like you’re going insane. Over on stories I ... Více

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Question: What should I make with these fabrics? European Summer edition!

Hey guys! I’ve been itching to get making and I wanted you guys to come along for the ride… After staying at home for most of the year during 2018 (giving birth is sure to dampen your travel plans!) I’m excited that we’ve finally booked a European summer trip. To say ... Více

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