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23.2.2018 17:52:00 (11 hodin a 2 minuty)

The Ultimate Macramé Knotting Guide

Macramé, at first glance it can seem quite daunting, but we promise you it’s not! In the last few years we’ve featured a lot of macramé designs on this blog, and each time we’ve had to explain various knots in detail. After seeing how much you guys love macrame, we thought it ... Více

22.2.2018 10:19:21 (1 den, 18 hodin a 35 minut)

How To Plan Your Renovation Budget

All about the money honey! Is there anything sexier than talking about renovation budgets… I think not! But it’s a necessary evil. When you renovate, unless you have bottomless pockets, there is always going to be a tug of war between what you want and what you can afford – ... Více

21.2.2018 10:43:37 (2 dny, 18 hodin a 10 minut)

outfitt | Tón v tónu

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21.2.2018 06:00:00 (2 dny, 22 hodin a 54 minut)

Jak jsme se stěhovaly!

Za svůj život jsem se zatím stěhovala celkem čtyřikrát. JENŽE. Třikrát z toho jsem se ... Více

21.2.2018 06:00:00 (2 dny, 22 hodin a 54 minut)

Your Dresser Needs This DIY Woven Rope Box

Is there anything more satisfying than organising your dressing table and beauty supplies? It’s one of those things you rarely get a chance to do but when you do it’s pure magic… Although if I’m honest my dresser is usually a complete shambles! One thing that helps me stay ... Více

20.2.2018 08:29:04 (3 dny, 20 hodin a 25 minut)

Spring wishlist

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19.2.2018 14:05:00 (4 dny, 14 hodin a 49 minut)

Spring wishlist

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19.2.2018 14:04:00 (4 dny, 14 hodin a 50 minut)

10 kousků, které v šatníku nepotřebujete!

Nemám co na sebe! Je věta, která asi proběhla ... Více

18.2.2018 06:00:00 (5 dnů, 22 hodin a 54 minut)

beauty | Péče o pokožku v těhotenství

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18.2.2018 06:00:00 (5 dnů, 22 hodin a 54 minut)

DIY Wrap Dress

Wrap it up! So many of you have requested a simple wrap dress tutorial and we finally got around to creating one for you. I’m sorry for the wait! I’ve been a fan of the wrap style for a long time now, in my opinion, it’s just such a flattering shape on pretty much anyone. ... Více

16.2.2018 09:10:16 (7 dnů, 19 hodin a 44 minut)

How To Plan A Renovation (Without Going Crazy)

Back on the subject of renovations! After we revealed our new renovation project a little while ago, quite a few of you wrote and asked that we share our planning process for the renovation… That totally surprised me because let’s be honest, the planning stage isn’t the sexiest ... Více

15.2.2018 06:20:04 (8 dnů, 22 hodin a 34 minut)

PHOTO DIARY + Tips: Gran Canaria

Po prvních osmi dnech naší dovolené, které ... Více

14.2.2018 16:34:00 (9 dnů, 12 hodin a 20 minut)

Raw Blueberry ‘Cheesecake’ Recipe

A ‘cheesecake’ that tastes as good as an actual cheesecake, who would have thought? Lots of you requested the recipe for this really easy raw cheesecake after I mentioned it in the Galentines Day post and shared it on stories, so I thought it was only fair to share it with you ... Více

14.2.2018 11:43:12 (9 dnů, 17 hodin a 11 minut)

Celebrating Galentines in the Studio with DIY & Drinks

When your friends are this amazing, who needs guys? But seriously though, I have to say that I’m down with the whole Galentines movement. I mean, when do you get to celebrate your favourite gals? Add the fact that the whole movement was (in my mind) spearheaded by Leslie Knope and ... Více

13.2.2018 10:13:16 (10 dnů, 18 hodin a 41 minut)

decor | Mrs. Mighetto

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11.2.2018 11:05:00 (12 dnů, 17 hodin a 49 minut)

Here’s how to make these structural planters… In less than a minute!

Give your plant the planter it deserves… Recently I’ve been seeing so many planters that are more than just simple (aka boring) vessels – often now they’re works of art! And they should be, I mean, your plant deserves the best doesn’t it? I recently stumbled upon this ... Více

8.2.2018 08:01:15 (15 dnů, 20 hodin a 53 minut)

Proč je důležité studovat?

Hotovo. Možná. Ne tak ... Více

7.2.2018 06:00:00 (16 dnů, 22 hodin a 54 minut)

DIY Long Sleeve Wrap Top (No Sewing Required!)

  Hey guys! If you’ve been reading here for a while you might remember a DIY project I did many (many) moons ago, turning a simple stretch singlet top into a wrapped crop top. The project was an idea I had after seeing some similar things on the runway, and it took all of 5 ... Více

6.2.2018 04:00:15 (18 dnů a 54 minut)

How to Create a Better Sleep Routine: Before, During and After

Sleep. Nothing like it right? You can drink a gallon of kombucha, align your chakras, spend hours every day in a downward facing dog, eat only superfoods or pop a jade egg, but if you’re not getting the right amount or quality of sleep, you may as well throw the rest out the window. ... Více

5.2.2018 08:12:53 (18 dnů, 20 hodin a 41 minut)